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Our Story - Tradies In The Know

Business Online was started by a bunch of good mates who all met in the tradie world.

From a builder, tiler and painter and a know-it-all hanandyman, we discovered we all knew a thing or two about online marketing. It's how we grew our businesses and how we kept food on the table. Due to the lack of businesses actually helping tradies with this stuff, we had to learn it on our own - after work and after the kids were put to sleep.

Trouble was - we only knew one or two parts about digital marketing and not the full scope necessary to really make a dent in the online world. After many rounds of beers and bbq's, we formulated a blueprint for our new marketing company and went all in. Seemed like a good idea - no one else was doing it...

Couple years later we are still going and making our fellow tradies the kings in their industries.


By looking under the hood of their online presence, picking it apart and rebuilding. Kinda like a reclad - but for a business.


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Chuck Wynard


Chuck started off as a broom hands back in a carpentry shop outside of Tauranga, way back in the late 60's. After taking over the shop from his old boss, we turned it into one of New Zealand's most successful wooden furniture manufacturers.

With the invent of the internet and the world's that it opened up, he preserved to stay on the cusp on online marketing and taking his furniture to new heights. 

With over 30 years experience in digital marketing in Tauranga, Chuck is helping other business owners like himself take it to the next level. 


Sarah Wynard

Sales Representative

Growing up under Chucks stern mentorship was never easy but Sarah's easy going nature lets the world know she is only stronger for it. Sarah has a sales background alongside her experience on the online world, having learned everything she knows from daddy.


Chris Binchester

Project Manager

Chris hails from a site management background, overseeing commercial and residential home builds. His speciality was making sure multi-million dollar projects went ahead on time and on budget. He transferred over to the digital world after getting sick of using portaloos to "conduct business".


Pete Marston

Lead Developer

Pete was Chuck's head of development and research back at the carpentry shop. Chuck's love of digital rubbed off on chris and together they learned the tricks of the trade. SEO, SEM, CRO, PPC and many other fancy sounding acronyms. He lead's the projects with his development staff.

Before I meet the blokes at Business Online, I couldn't even find my website on google. I was getting no leads from online and my business was stagnant. Fast forward a couple months and my business is showing up and my phone is ringing with new clients. Absolutely stoked!

– Peter McOwen

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